Digital Forge West providing website design and development, website rebuild, cross-browser compatibility, fully responsive, SEO friendly, website maintenance, client consultation, website migration at contact 801-930-7789.

Web Design and Development

We primarily use (but are definitely not limited to) WordPress which is arguably the most sought after and used Content Management System for web design and development today. There is little that cannot be achieved in the world of web design when WordPress is used at the hands of a skilled coder. This is exactly what you will get with Digital Forge West. And of course, all websites we design and develop are cross-browser compatible and mobile responsive.


Search Engine Optimization , or SEO, is just as important as having a visually stunning and user-friendly site. SEO can be defined as the act of creatively and technically driving more potential customers or viewers to a website. What SEO means to clients is that their site will be found on search engines with the littlest effort needed by the searcher. It does no good to have an amazing website if it cannot be found.

We use only “White Hat” practices in helping to get your website recognized. This means that no methods which are either frowned upon, or outright unacceptable to search engines are used to get our clients’ websites noticed.


We offer maintenance services so that your website doesn’t become stagnant and remains in good working order. Depending upon your website and requirements, some maintenance to consider may be: updating content, updating the CMS and plugins, testing browser/mobile device compatibility, checking website statistics, and fixing page errors.

Client Consultation

Do you have a design or maybe just an idea for a website? Not sure if your website may require some maintenance? Regardless of what the situation may be, we will help you. We work very closely with our clients throughout any design, development, content change, maintenance, site transfers, etc. so that the outcome is exactly what our clients had envisioned.

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Website Rebuilds
  • Website Implementation
  • SEO Friendly
  • Maintenance
  • Site Migration
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Mobile Ready (Responsive Design)